Solo Exhibition at Vida Vida gallery

LLB Invitation 2014 EnI wish to invite you at the opening of my solo show at Vida Vida gallery in Point-Claire. We have chosen to show some of my Jacquard weavings on contemporary dance exclusively : some from Rodin et Claudel, a choreography by Peter Quanz,  two pieces from Flower showing  Yoshito Ohno – a choreography by Yoshito Ohno and Lucie Grégoire, 74 directions by Christine Bourget, Un orteil dans le vide with Sandy Bessette and Frédéric Lemieux-Cormier, L’envolée, from a choreography by Sarah Chase from Montréal Danse, and one other textile showing a dancer from La Chambre blanche, a choreography by Ginette Laurin.