Dance International

2014 dance intern'l 72The spring edition 2014 of Dance International magazine has given me an entire page with the photo of my large format Jacquard textile Rodin , Claudel # 1. It is because of  the  choreographer Peter Quanz’s enthusiasm that the magazine got interested in my work. This work represents important parts of the choreography created by Peter .

The large faces of Rodin and Claudel were photographed with my iPhone at the first representation of Rodin and Claudel at Place des Arts in 2012. The faces were projected onto the curtain . In the foreground,  the main dancer who embodies Claudel is represented. I detached the character from my photography of a scene that happens towards the end of the choreography and I painted in red the dress of the dancer (my weaving was done in black and white). At the right , we see Claudel leaving towards her place of internment . And finally from left to right at the bottom of the image, the bodies crouched on the ground represent the sculptures that were destroyed by Claudel before she finally leaves her lover, Rodin. A fifth photo was taken of a projected image of a glass window and incorporated in my fresco. I thank Peter for allowing me to take more than a hundred pictures at the avant-premiere of 2012.