A Rozome workshop not to be missed.

kiranada_robesOh yes ! That winter was long and cold! Why not invite the spring and dip in Japanese Rozome with Kiranada Betsy Sterling Benjamin at Espace Fibre, a large and bright studio, perfect for working and exploring new techniques.

Rozome workshop, the Japanese art of batik: from May 28th to June 1st 2014 (Wednesday to Sunday). Espace Fibre, 2665 St. Augustin-Cantin street, Montreal (QC) H3K 1E1 – http://www.espacefibre.com

Workshop fees: $350 (it’s really cheap for a workshop with Kiranada!!!). Material cost : U.S. $ 50 – Material cost includes your own professional brush for wax, materials for stencils, three additional tools for applying wax and, of course, wax and Japanese dyes!  Natural dyes and pigments and organic reduction Indigo vat, from Valerie, will also be available for exploration!

Rozome is the Japanese art of batik with wax, a process that uses traditional methods, materials and tools adapted for use with a “new” soy wax soluble in water and beeswax.

This intensive course is designed for beginners and experienced professionals. It gives the opportunity to attend demonstrations and experiment with a variety of waxes and dyes unique in Japan.

Do not wait! This class is the last Kiranada will give, until spring 2016, because she will be in solitary retreat in New Zealand for a full year, immediately after the end of the workshop!

There are only a few places to fill, register now! See the website for more information : www.espacefibre.com !