La Presse, exhibition at galerie SAS, 2011 – in French, by Éric Clément, Tissage, faux draps et peinture vivante, 21 mai 2011 – deux expositions au Belgo.

The 6th From Lausanne to Beijing Biennal, 2010 – in Textile Forum, by Beatrijs Sterk, The 6th International Textile Art Biennial

Le Messager, Compostelle, 2009, in French, Le Messager de LaSalle, On my Way to Compostela

Shuttle, Spindle and Dyepot, 2007, On the About Jacquard exhibition organized by the Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles. An article by Carol D. Westfall

Shuttle, Spindle and Dyepot, 2001,  About Convergence 2002 in Vancouver, when I was one of the keynote speakers. An article by Christine Spangler

Crafts Art International, 2001Woven Images by Louise Bérubé, an article by Ruth Scheuing