Month: January 2014

Nelligan at Maison de la Culture Mercier

Communiqué Nelligan – le vaisseau d’or  (Press release in French)

That may be your last chance to see, in Montréal, the exhibition                   Nelligan, Le Vaisseau d’or.

The artists will present their works Sunday, February 16 from 2 pm : the fashion designer Yves Jean Lacasse, three painters, Joséane Brunelle, G. Scott MacLeod and Tristan Tondino and the textile artist Louise Lemieux Bérubé.

The Maison de la culture Mercier is 5 minutes from the Honoré-Beaugrand metro station.

A workshop with Kiranada Sterling

2-ROZOS_resized__resized__resized_20131219175002I signed up to five days of fun from 28 May to 1 June to explore Rozome technique with   Kiranada SterlingKiranada is a master of this technique. She has written several books and produced videos. It is an honor and a unique opportunity to have her with us in Montreal.

I invite you to visit the site of  espace-fibre where the workshop will take place. Espace-fibre is specialized in dyeing and especially in all that concerns the indigo dye. The center is run by Valerie Walker.  I now occupy a small studio space there, which allows me to  dye/paint on my woven Jacquards.
Although this technique is not my field, I think it is always rewarding to see what is happening in a “neighbour” studio.
Looking forward to sharing with you!

My first artwork on paper

Collagraphy, paper, ink, tatting, private collection
In Memoriam, 30 x 20 cm, 2013

In memoriam, 2013, 30 x 40 cm, a collagraph in memory of my friend Serge Desjardins.
Under the watchful eye of Nicole Doré Brunet, chief of the Glypto Workshop at the Association des artistes de LaSalle, I took my first steps last fall in printmaking and paper medium.
It is a small piece of tatting that Serge Desjardins created and he had given me several years ago that has guided my composition. This small textile piece is real, pasted on the surface of the paper. Other elements, remnants of my past weaving with metallic threads, and a few bits of a textured yarn, became prints that naturally took their place into my composition, while I was thinking about that friend who recently passed away. The sepia ink (a beautiful color ink that I love and that I have adopted) captures my feeling of sadness and the blue color marks the symbol of our friendship and our shared passion for textiles.